Monday, September 23, 2013

9/23/13 - Day 25

Day 25 - Gemini Jr. High
Monday, September 23, 2013
9/23/13 6:30 AM

Today started off with a bit of a surprise. I arrived to find the room locked and 3 students waiting outside the school. I went to the office to find a key.  After letting the kids in the building I went to the office a second time and luckily a secretary was able to let us in the room. There were two violinists and one violist, but they were there for a group cello lesson. It went very well. After my co-op teacher arrived, he informed me that he had meetings and I would get to run 7th and 8th grade orchestras, as well as the afternoon lessons with the beginners. I ran to Melzer elementary to drop off some essential elements books and then helped with the intermediate students at Mark Twain elementary. The middle school rehearsals went well and so did the afternoon lessons at Twain.

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