Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10/29/13 - Day 47

Day 47 - York Community High School
Tuesday, October 29, 2013
10/29/13 7:00 am

This morning I studied scores and prepared for rehearsal and the second violin sectional. Having the first period free to prep is a huge advantage. We discussed my plan for concert orchestra and altered it drastically. Mr. O suggested that I let them play through more of the piece before I make any comments about the theory behind it. I also had some rehearsal techniques that, upon second thought, weren't the best approach. We had a guest performer today; professor of cello from southern Illinois. She played Bach suites and worked with some cello students. I filled in on cello with the cadet orchestra and ran the entire remainder of the period with the concert orchestra.  I didn't feel good about it, but after discussing it with Mr. O, I felt better about.  Symphony orchestra had a full rehearsal with winds.  After school, I led the second violins through some of the Elgar serenade for strings.

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