Sunday, October 20, 2013

10/18/13 - Day 41

Day 41 - Gemini Jr. High
Friday, October 18, 2013
10/18/13 6:45

I was excited and nervous to have the kids all to myself today.  We had rehearsal with a huge group of elementary beginners and the room was overflowing. Some of the kids showed up almost a half hour late.  It was intimidating having about 60 kids in one room without any experience in a large ensemble. After rehearsal, I went to Stevenson and taught two groups of upper strings and one group of cellists. I had seen many of them sbout an hour earlier.  The seventh and eighth graders were very squirrelly and chatty, but it was great to have one last rehearsal with each of them before we have orchestra rest next week.  Afternoon lessons at Apollo rounded out the week. One of my favorite groups of beginning violinists made up my final lesson at the district.

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