Thursday, October 3, 2013

10/3/13 - Day 33

Day 33 - Gemini Jr. High
Thursday, October 3, 2013
10/3/13 6:30 AM

I sat in on the cello and viola sections for morning chamber orchestra. The violas seem to be the section that struggles the most. I was dissapointed that a violinist signed up for extra help at 6:30 and never showed up. A cello student showed up for help on his parts and we made a lot of progress in the 20 minutes before school. Then, we gave three group violin lessons at Stevenson.  In 7th grade orchestra we drilled a few spots in mango tango and then ran it. We also progressed a little further in all blues to a section we hadn't touched yet.  In 8th grade orchestra we sight read Feliz Navidad and played a little further in duke's juke. In the afternoon, we gave a cello lesson and two large group lessons to beginning violinists and violists.

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