Friday, December 6, 2013

12/5/13 - Day 71

Day 71 - York Community High School
Thursday, December 5, 2013
12/5/13 6:45

I was excited and nervous to have the class to myself today. I arrived early to help out with the rhythm section sectional. I was able to give some suggestions that I thought were helpful, especially to the guitarist. They are doing some chritmas arrangements. Some of them are pretty cheesy, but tis the season. During first period, I had to reset the room because there was a meeting last night. We did a lot of Adler with both concert and cadet orchestra. We also did some of the Mendelssohn both periods. There was a sub in the room, but she mainly sat in the back and just observed. Mrs. M came in and ran the Vivaldi and o holy night for part of fifth period. For the second half of fifth period we played the Hovhaness. The kids begged me to play a game of hide the bow, so I indulged them. In other periods, I helped students pick out materialsf for solo night. The sub was late getting to the seventh period study hall, so I signed in kids until she got there. Overall, I thought I did a decent job of running the classes and I can't wait to have a classroom that I run on my own.

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