Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12/3/13 - Day 69

Day 69 - York Community High School
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
12/3/13 - 6:45

I came in to observe and help with the jazz band. I feel torn between jumping in and just letting Mr. Riddle run the rehearsal. He does a nice job of asking me for input. I was also able to play some bass when Wes had to leave. I have a nice blister now. During first period we finished resetting the room for full orchestra. We brought the chairs and stands in from the atrium and grabbed a few from the band room. With the cadet orchestra I introduced the Adler concertino. It went well. They were able to read through the majority of the piece, which was more than I expected. I observed for concert orchestra and sat in with the symphony orchestra on violin. Mr. O left early for a doctors appointment so I had a chance to help some viola students pick solos for solo night. It was nice to have the place to myself for a while. I also worked on some cello and bass fingerings for the Mendelssohn.

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