Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11/26/13 - Day 67

Day 67 - York Community High School
Tuesday, November 27, 2013
11/27/13 11:45 am

A full day of conferences. I really enjoy meeting the parents and you can really get a clearer picture of the student when you meet the parents. There are very few behavioral problems, so the conferences are very positive and pleasant. There was one student who was concerned about being seated last chair, but the parents were reassured that it didn't mean that Jenny wasn't playing well or growing as a musician. There is a "get to know the student" fact sheet that everyone fills out in the beginning of the year and this sheet is referenced during the conference. I think you can learn much more about them in the 5 min conference with the parents and in talking casually. It's really cool to hear parents talk about older children that have come through the program and are in college or beyond. They also mention younger children that Mr. O can expect to see in upcoming years.

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